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Start a rewarding career in Advertising Sales as an Account Executive with Local Business Spotlight!

You will be helping local small businesses prosper from the Internet by helping them build an Internet presence like no other!

* No Experience Necessary

The Account Executive opportunity is a sub-contractor – commission based position.

All Advertising Revenues reward Account Executives 50% of all gross sales. Generous bonuses are available for those who are top producers.

There is NO fee to be a Account Executive.

Why work with Local Business Spotlight?

Local Business Spotlight is a unique local small business directory that offers more than the usual listings, ratings, reviews, and maps. Oh, we offer those tools as well, but we go one BIG step further by publishing one-on-one interviews with the business owners.

They love telling their story and talking about their business! In fact, they welcome the opportunity with open arms because it’s a chance to tell their story and have it published to the world for free.

Think about it, what better way is there for a consumer to get to know about the businesses in their area than through hearing from the business owners themselves?

The interviews not only help consumers learn about businesses that are available in their area, they have two other key roles. First, they help get the sites ranked high in SERP’s. Also, since they are free, they help our Account Executives build tremendously powerful relationships with the business owners!

Although we do not charge for the interviews, there are four ways for you to create an exceptional income. And, it’s a residual type income!

How much income?

It’s entirely up to you, and dependent on how much time and effort you apply. (Each directory edition has the potential for a multi-six figure ad revenue when sold out at full value)

How big can you dream!


For further inquiries, or to request a phone interview, please contact us!

Operational Overview

First, take a look at our latest edition. It shows the basic layout that will be on every site, in every area of the US. It includes a directory with business listings, maps, ratings and reviews.

Our Carlisle, PA edition, which is the first area we developed, includes a number of previously conducted interviews with local business owners. This is the uniqueness of our directory! Check them out here.

Next, click here to see “Advertise” on the main menu. Here you will see the 4 ways you can earn money with the Local Business Spotlight Directory in the edition for your local area. If we don’t yet have one for your local area, we’ll build it! (Grab your area now before someone else does!)

Account Executives will get a PDF guide on how to set up and carry out the interviews. Plus, it will include training on how to start the monetization process with an “irresistible offer” when you have them approve the final interview copy.

Although the interviews on the model site are in text form, you may also offer video interviews for those business owners who are interested in that type of platform. This is a great way to get the interview to appear on page one of Google search results faster, since they will also be uploaded on YouTube!

For further inquiries, or to request a phone interview, please contact us!

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